уторак, 07. јануар 2014.

Christmas and Holidays

Hello everyone,first of all I want to congratulate the Orthodox Christmas.I spent Christmas with my family,it was beautiful. I am ill,but today I am little better.I was wearing a blue coat,a black turtleneck, a black Martens shoes ,and a spotted tights.As far as makeup, I wore a red lipstick and a black eyeliner.Unusual thing  for this time of year is warm weather.No snow, ice, whiteness..But however, today it is the most joyous holiday of the year and we all should be happy and in positive mood.Enjoy this beautiful day! BYE

уторак, 24. септембар 2013.

Saturday's photo shooting

These pictures are from Saturday, I was in town with my friend Veljko, he photographed me.I was wearing tight black pants, denim jacket, black T-shirt with red accents and wine red converse shoes,and my ray ban sunglasses ofc.The first picture was in the morning, just when I got up,and the others are in the noon.We walked a lot,and we went to unknown parts of the city,all in all,It was well done Saturday. BYE

New boots

I got two pairs of boots from Austria today.Black boots are long and in the rock style,with a skeleton head.Brown boots are short and bushy, with small heel,very cute.I can wear them in winter and autumn,and combined with any piece of clothing..
Have a nice tuesday everyone. BYE

субота, 20. јул 2013.

Summer clothes

Colorful,colorful,colorful.Here are some of my summer pieces of clothing.I just arranged my closet,so I took a couple of things to photograph. Today I have a mini-fotoshooting.I'll add pics.Enjoy the summer!!!BYE

уторак, 02. јул 2013.


Yesterday I was in the school park,it was cool.I made pics there.I wore denim  shorts,adidas swag sneakers and black hello kitty t-shirt.The weather was beautiful, sunny and airy.I really like that.My mood depends on the weather, so yesterday I was in the good  mood.I was walking with my friends,we had interesting conversation,haha.Tonight I'm going to the  town.Have a lovely Tuesday.BYE

понедељак, 01. јул 2013.

Today's outfit

My today's outfit is  totally SWAG! 

Spent day with my bestie

Hello everyone,these are yesterday's pictures.My best friend and I was on the roof of a building.It was very interesting.We made some pics.I wore a gray dress, denim jacket , pink converse shoes and my ray-ban sunglasses.At one time it rained,and we ran to the apartment of our friend Theodore,and we had dried there.Today I'm going with my friends on the other buildings.I'll add pics.BYE