субота, 27. април 2013.

Eyeliner mania

Hello,it's the weekend,and I obviously don't go to school.Although I'd say that this a  vacation.
I have 11 days off, no school.:)) Soon is The First of May and Easter..a lot of holidays..I plan to spend it with my  friends and family.Most likely we will go to Trsic,a place surrounded by nature, the sound of the river and the chirping of birds,like a paradise.I'm almost sure that we will have a great time there.Today I tried my new makeup,I can say that I am satisfied.It looks nice on me.Just now,I am listening music,and I am relaxing.BYE

уторак, 23. април 2013.


It's Tuesday,by the way school time.So,I and my friend made some pics.We have fun all time.
School year is at an end.Summer is near,I can't wait.No studying,just enjoyment and pleasure.Finally quote ''Wild,Young & Free'' can be accepted.BYE

субота, 20. април 2013.

Good morning

Hello,it's saturday morning,I just woke up ..The sun is all around me,I and really like it.Spring feels good,because i adore light and shining.I plan to go into town tonight,''saturdaynight'',haha.May I'll add some pics,and you will can see,how I looked like.BYE

недеља, 14. април 2013.

Black edition

These images are 10 days old.I was at a family dinner with my parents and their friends.I love red lipstick,and I use it all time,you can see it.The dinner was amazing,food was incredible.All in all I had the great time.BYE

субота, 13. април 2013.

Spring time

It's the weekend,so I don't go to school.I was at my grandmother's,it' was fantastic.I made some pics,you can see it.I enjoy in the spring. BYE