субота, 20. јул 2013.

Summer clothes

Colorful,colorful,colorful.Here are some of my summer pieces of clothing.I just arranged my closet,so I took a couple of things to photograph. Today I have a mini-fotoshooting.I'll add pics.Enjoy the summer!!!BYE

уторак, 02. јул 2013.


Yesterday I was in the school park,it was cool.I made pics there.I wore denim  shorts,adidas swag sneakers and black hello kitty t-shirt.The weather was beautiful, sunny and airy.I really like that.My mood depends on the weather, so yesterday I was in the good  mood.I was walking with my friends,we had interesting conversation,haha.Tonight I'm going to the  town.Have a lovely Tuesday.BYE

понедељак, 01. јул 2013.

Today's outfit

My today's outfit is  totally SWAG! 

Spent day with my bestie

Hello everyone,these are yesterday's pictures.My best friend and I was on the roof of a building.It was very interesting.We made some pics.I wore a gray dress, denim jacket , pink converse shoes and my ray-ban sunglasses.At one time it rained,and we ran to the apartment of our friend Theodore,and we had dried there.Today I'm going with my friends on the other buildings.I'll add pics.BYE