петак, 31. мај 2013.

Baby pink

.Hello everyone..I am finally on the long-awaited summer vacation :))  And I'm very happy about that.Although it is already the end of May, the outside is not so hot,because of that, I'm not dressed in summer clothes.This is my completely casual outfit.I'm wearing pink shoes from converse,pink sweatshirt and white pants from H&M,and ofc  my favorite white(brown) bag.
Makeup is not excessive,I just put mascara and pink lipstick.Today I was very lazy,I did nothing,just relaxing :D I hope you enjoyed this beautiful day, just like me.Have a great weekend.BYE

субота, 04. мај 2013.

Smokey eyes

Hello my pretties,this is my new makeup-SMOKEY EYES.I watched tutorials on YouTube and really liked it, so I tried to do something like this.This looks very nice.Pink lipstick and black eyeshadow look perfect together.Mascara is also a great fit with this.I'm a little sick, so I look ugly,haha.And my camera was also destroyed, I tried to fix it, but I just couldn't to do it.Tomorrow is Easter , and I'll get dressed festively.I don't know maybe a black dress and leather jacket.Anyway I'll add pictures tomorrow,and you will be able to see that outfit.BYE

среда, 01. мај 2013.

The First of May

Hello guys,today is Labor Day-THE FIRST OF MAY.Like I said,I was in Trsic with my friends,we ofc had great time there.We barbecued and ate like a pigs,I mostly looked like a pig,haha.By the way,I am the girl in a black wide T-shirt.Mid-day we climbed a mountain, it was very tiring but at the same time interesting.A lot of my friends repeatedly fell into the mud, but I didn't.We walked a lot, we even sand back home, I am very tired and I am going to a long long long  bath.I hope you also enjoyed in  this great day.I need to get some sleep, because it's been a tiring  day as much as interesting.Goodnight everyone.BYE