субота, 15. јун 2013.

Prom 10.06.2013.

Hello everyone,today is Saturday and prom was on Monday.I didn't have time to add photos, so I added them today.Like I said, I wore a black dress and black heels with spikes on  back, necklace  with spikes too,  and a black bag with silver accents.As for the makeup, I was wearing make-up, black and gray eyeshadow, red lipstick and faux eyelashes,in one word- BLACK SMOOKEY EYES.Prom was good,we had a great time,and we had a party.Tonight I'm going to the city with my friends,and before that I'm going to ''study'' for the entrance test.
Weather is beautiful,so I get dressed in summer clothes.Talk to you later.BYE

недеља, 09. јун 2013.

Before lunch

These are the pictures that I made before the lunch. The food was delicious,very,very and I ate a lot of everything.Today I wore a purple jacket,blue jeans,black high heels,black bag and colorful scarf.Tomorrow I'm very busy for prom.I'll talk to  you when I get time.BYE

New ones

My new earrings,red ones,and white ones.I bought them yesterday.White ones are a lot of crazy,but red ones are gala and restrained.Today I'm going to lunch with my parents,I'm sure it will be great.Tomorrow is prom,many obligations.I really can't wait.,I'm so excited about it.I'll wear a black dress, black heels with spikes on back, and a black bag.I'll add pictures,and you will see my prom outfit.BYE

среда, 05. јун 2013.

Ray Ban wayfarer

I finally got Ray Ban wayfarer  glasses.They are awesome...I can't wait to combine them with my clothes.I'm almost sure it will be great with any outfit,especially with a leather jacket. Tomorrow I have a very busy day,talk to you later.BYE