субота, 15. јун 2013.

Prom 10.06.2013.

Hello everyone,today is Saturday and prom was on Monday.I didn't have time to add photos, so I added them today.Like I said, I wore a black dress and black heels with spikes on  back, necklace  with spikes too,  and a black bag with silver accents.As for the makeup, I was wearing make-up, black and gray eyeshadow, red lipstick and faux eyelashes,in one word- BLACK SMOOKEY EYES.Prom was good,we had a great time,and we had a party.Tonight I'm going to the city with my friends,and before that I'm going to ''study'' for the entrance test.
Weather is beautiful,so I get dressed in summer clothes.Talk to you later.BYE

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